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Surgi-Sharp® offers assorted sizes of leather belts for belt sanders and a kit for drill presses, leather clad wheels for bench grinders, and an angle guide for correcting the edge of your tools. To view a complete list of all our products, click here.


The Surgi-Sharp Leather Honing Belts are manufactured from top quality shoulder leather. The joints are smooth and stronger than the surrounding leather. The belts are manufactured smaller than sanding belts to provide for the natural stretch of the leather. They will fit very snug when initially installed.

Buffing compound is applied to the belt according to the instructions on the packaging. Some kits come with buffing compound or you can use one that suits your specific needs.

In addition to the quality honing tools and knives that these belts produce, they are also well suited for a variety of other polishing jobs.

Our leather belts come in a large variety of sizes with the most popular being 1" X 30" or 1" X 42". We also custom build belts to your specifications. You can shape your tool with a sanding belt; then hone it to a surgical edge with our leather belts! This is also an outstanding buffing belt for flat and curved surfaces.

Standard Belt Sizes

  • 1" X 42"
  • 1" X 30"
  • 2" X 48"
  • 2" X 42"
  • 1" X 36" (strips)


The Surgi-Sharp Leather Clad Wheels are plywood wheels with leather bonded to the face or to the face and both sides. The plywood is trued on a lathe; then the leather is trued after it is bonded. The wheels are 6" or 8" and will fit 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", and 1" shafts. Widths are 3/4" with face only and 1" with face and sides.

A different grit buffing compound can be applied to the face and sides if you choose the completely covered wheel. Many people choose the wheel with leather on the face only and attach sandpaper to the sides with disk cement. Be sure to keep cement off the leather, center bushing, or hole.

A popular combination is two wheels, one with 320 and one with 600 grit wet or dry paper on the sides of each wheel. Then apply a gray (aggressive compound) to one wheel and red (fine compound) to the other.

Standard Wheel Sizes

  • 6" X 3/4" Leather Clad Wheel (face)
  • 8" X 3/4" Leather Clad Wheel (face)
  • 6" X 1" Leather Clad Wheel (face & sides)
  • 8" X 1" Leather Clad Wheel (face & sides)

Jewelers Spindles

The jewelers wheel is pre-threaded to fit both right- and left-handed jewelers spindles.

  • 6" X 1" Leather Clad Wheel (face & sides)
  • 6" X 3/4" Leather Clad Wheel (face)

Combination Kits and Accessories

The Surgi-Sharp Leather Sleeve fits on the 1-1/2" X 2" sanding drum. This operates on a drill press or can be very portable when used on a hand drill. This is very popular with woodcarvers and knife makers when they need the smaller radius honing drum.

The Surgi-Sharp SS10 Universal Angle Guide turns the standard 1" sander into a very precise sharpening machine. The angle guide slides onto the platen (the metal bar that is just behind the sanding belt). The guide is held in place by a very strong spring. The sanding belt operates between the base and the angle table.

The guide will provide you with from 10 to 45 sharpening angles. You can indicate on each tool the angle you have chosen from the guide provided on the packaging. Each subsequent sharpening will be the exact angle you specify.


Surgi-Sharp Belt 05
Surgi-Sharp Belt


Surgi-Sharp Leather Clad Wheels


Surgi-Sharp Sleeve


Surgi-Sharp Kit

Universal Angle Guide

Surgi-Sharp Universal Angle Guide